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Frequently asked questions - and our answeres


What data resolution does my individual print file require?

The necessary data resolution depends on the viewing distance and should be at least 50 DPI:

Viewing distance 0-2 m -100-120 dpi recommended
Viewing distance 2-5 m - 60-70 dpi recommended
Viewing distance > 5 m - 50 dpi recommended

For more information on creating print data, please have a look on our Infosheet.


How are the frames built up?

In order to make it easier for you to assemble the frames we have created mounting instructions and set-up videos. It shows you step by step how to assemble the frames and mount the accessories. You will find assembly instructions, as well as the link to the video on the respective product page in the descriptions.


How do I attach wall mounts and other accessories?

In our mounting instructions and videos, we explain how to mount the respective accessories. You will find the mounting instructions, as well as the link to the video on the respective product page in the descriptions.


What are the depth of the frames without lighting?

In our online-shop we offer three different depths for non-illuminated aluminum frames:
The "Basic" profile with 19 mm depth and the "Big" profile with 27 mm depth for wall mounting.
The double-sided "Double" profile with 44 mm depth for freestanding or free-hanging frames.

For other profiles please contact our team.


What are the depths of the Lightboxes?

We offer two different depths of light boxes in our online-shop:
For light boxes for wall mounting the "Module" lighting technology with 100 mm depth or the "Chain" lighting technology with 150 mm depth.
For free-standing or free-hanging LED light boxes, we use the 100 mm profile, which is ideal for double-sided use.

For other profile depths and lighting techniques, please contact our team.


What lighting technologies are used for light boxes?

In our online-shop we offer two different lighting technologies:

"LED Module" is a lighting technologie with side illumination. The LEDs are installed on the 100 mm deep profiles and create a homogeneous illumination - for single-sided and double-sided light boxes.

"LED Chain" is a lighting technology with backlighting. In this case, the LEDs in the light box are mounted on stabilizers at the rear in the 150 mm deep profile so a bright and homogeneous illumination is possible in each format.


Can I order individual measurements?

In the online shop only standard formats are offered. Nervertheless, in our production we produce all frames and light boxes custom-made. Contact our team for your individual format.


Why can I order the frame / lightbox without textile printing?

We offer this option mainly for print shops, as well as for customers who have a print shop as an experienced partner. If this does not apply to you, you can order the frame or lightbox completely with your individual print motif.

Therefore please chose the option 'with textile print' and upload your individual print file. Please be aware of the print-file requirements.


Why can I order the frame / lightbox without accessories?

We offer this option for customers who themselves have a fixing solution for aluminum profiles. If this does not apply to you, you will receive the frame or lightbox with the appropriate accessories from us. Simply select your desired accessories.


What is the difference between Lumen, Lux and Kelvin?

Lumen: This is the total visible luminous flux produced by a light source.

Lux: This is the lighting strength. It indicates the luminous flux that encounters a surface, for example the textile of a light box.

Kelvin: This describes the light color e.g:
4,000 Kelvin - Warm light
6,000 Kelvin – daylight
7,000 Kelvin - Cold (blue) light

A detailed information sheet on the terms can be sent to you on request.


What delivery times can I expect?

The elements without textile print are manufactured in house and are usually ready in 2-3 days (frames) or 6-7 working days (light boxes). International shipping will take 5-6 working days.

For frames with text print, approximately 10-15 working days are planned for the production, plus shipping of 5-6 working days.

If you need a product faster, please contact our team.

Our freight forwarder supplies the goods only on weekdays.